GCW Don't Talk To Me 2023 Results (1/20): GCW Tag Team Championship Match, El Hijo Del Vikingo Vs. Gringo Loco, More

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Game Changer Wrestling presents Don't Talk To Me 2023 from the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, North Carolina. Broadcasting restrictions are no longer obstructing El Hijo del Vikingo's GCW matches being aired moving forward, meaning his clash with Gringo Loco tonight will officially be beamed around the world. Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide had previously prevented the luchador's independent bouts from streaming. Vikingo, the current reigning AAA Mega Champion, returns to GCW after successfully defeating Blake Christian and Joey Janela, respectively, in his first two matches for the promotion in December 2022. 

Announced card prior to the show

* Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy) for the GCW World Tag Team Championship

* El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco

* Ricky Morton vs. Tony Deppen

* Nick Wayne vs. Arez

* Jordan Oliver vs. Kerry Morton

* BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) vs. Charles Mason and Parrow

* Blake Christian vs. Andrew Everett

* Cham Pain vs. Cole Radrick

* John Wayne Murdoch and George South vs. Revolt (Caleb Konley and Zane Riley) vs. Bojack and Lucky Ali vs. Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice and Mance Warner)

Jay Briscoe Tribute and Nick Wayne vs. Arez

- The show opened with a tribute video for the late Jay Briscoe, who tragically passed away earlier this week. Ring announcer Emil Jay, standing in the ring with GCW World Champion Nick Gage, spoke about Briscoe. A ten-bell salute was then impeccably observed. Gage took the microphone. The champion talked about his history with the Briscoes. Gage gave his condolences to Briscoe and his family. 

Nick Wayne vs. Arez

Wayne and Arez repeatedly countered each other's moves in the opening sequence of the match. Arez managed to gain the upper hand and connected with a flurry of moves. Arez delivered a hard chop to Wayne's chest. Arez remained on the front foot and landed a series of quick stomps to Wayne's back. The Mexican wrestler locked Wayne in a headlock to keep him grounded on the mat. 

Wayne briefly rallied. Arez stopped him in his tracks and connected with a standing moonsault. Arez used the ring ropes to his advantage when locking in a stretch hold. Wayne hit a combination of moves to stun Arez. Wayne dived over the top rope to take out Arez at ringside. Back in the ring. Wayne was unsuccessful with a pinfall attempt. Arez replied with a brainbuster. After drilling Arez into the canvas, Wayne landed a Clout Cutter from the middle rope to win. 

Winner: Nick Wayne via pinfall

After the match, Wayne helped Arez to his feet. Both wrestlers hugged. The fans showed their appreciation. 

Blake Christian vs. Andrew Everett

Blake Christian vs. Andrew Everett

Christian and Everett traded wristlocks. Christian took Everett down and looked out to the audience. Everett stunned Christian with a big dropkick. Everett nailed Christian with a kick to the head and followed it up with a standing moonsault. Christian landed a single arm DDT after leaping over the top rope from the apron. Christian sent Everett into the ring post behind the turnbuckles. Christian continued to have Everett scouted. 

Christian sarcastically applauded as he kept Everett grounded. Everett got his boot up to prevent Christian from landing a move in the corner of the ring. Everett leaped from the middle turnbuckle and connected with a dropkick. Everett began to build momentum. Christian managed to retake control and locked Everett in an arm submission in the center of the ring. 

Everett connected with a spinning kick. Christian found himself on the apron. Everett was speared as he joined Christian on the apron. Christian leaped over the ropes to wipe out Everett on the floor. Christian landed a combination of moves back in the ring, but Everett kicked out of the cover that followed. Everett chokeslammed Christian in the center of the ring. Everett landed a shooting star press and failed with another pinfall attempt. Christian stomped Everett into the canvas to win.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

- After the match, Christian pulled out a chair from underneath the ring. Christian draped Everett on the chair and delivered a knee to the head. 

Two one-on-one bouts

Jordan Oliver vs. Kerry Morton

The NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion spoke on the microphone before the match got underway. Morton failed to win over the GCW fans with his comments. After further interaction with the audience, Oliver trapped Morton in a side headlock. Morton exited the ring and stalled. Upon returning to the ring, Morton poked Oliver in the eye and began to take control of the match. Oliver responded, and Morton headed to the floor once again. Oliver delivered chops to Morton's chest around the ringside area. 

Morton countered and sent Oliver into the chairs situated on the front row. Morton pulled out a steel chair from underneath the ring. Oliver moved out of the way of a chop attempt, which resulted in Morton connecting with the ring post. Back in the ring, Morton connected with an inverted atomic drop and began to strut. Oliver utilized the steel chair and scored a quick pinfall to win. 

Winner: Jordan Oliver via pinfall

Cham Pain vs. Cole Radrick

Pain rambled on the microphone before the match. Radrick and Pain traded submission holds. Radrick eventually took Pain off his feet. Pain responded with a boot to the midsection. Pain sent Radrick into the canvas with a powerslam. After working on Radrick in the corner, Pain delivered a suplex. Pain connected with a series of punches. Pain continued to wear Radrick down as he controlled the pace of the match. 

Radrick landed a missile dropkick to send Pain down. Pain immediately replied with a tornado DDT. Radrick connected with a kick to the head. Pain halted Radrick's comeback with a reversed DDT. Radrick failed to connect with a cutter from the second rope fully. Radrick followed it up by hitting a moonsault from the middle rope. Radrick eventually rolled Pain up for the win. 

Winner: Cole Radrick via pinfall 

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match

Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy) for the GCW World Tag Team Championship

The Ugly Ducklings took out Los Mazisos while the champions made their way to the ring. Lude and Killjoy worked in tandem to wear down Ciclope and Extremo right off the bat. Los Mazisos managed to regroup and took control of the match. Extremo and Ciclope set up doors around the ringside area. Upon returning to the ring, Lude and Killjoy sent Los Mazisos to the floor. The Ugly Ducklings failed in their attempt to fly through the ropes as Los Mazisos threw a door in their direction. 

All four competitors in the match grabbed a steel chair. The two teams traded chair shots. The Ugly Ducklings appeared to have gained the upper hand. However, Los Mazisos planted Lude on top of four chairs from the top turnbuckle. Killjoy sent Lude into Extremo as both wrestlers crashed through a door in the corner of the ring. 

Ciclope returned with a steel chair and utilized it on The Ugly Ducklings. Lude was launched through two doors on the floor. Los Mazisos connected with the Doomsday, but Killjoy kicked out of the cover that followed. Ciclope delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Killyjoy through two chairs to retain the gold. 

Winners and STILL GCW World Tag Team Champions: Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) via pinfall 

Scramble Match and Tag Team Action

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Axton Ray vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Zenshi vs. Terry Yaki vs. Yoya in a scramble match

The match immediately broke down. Zenshi and Mathers were left battling in the ring. Mathers connected with a Northern Lights suplex and followed it up with a lionsault. Lloyd returned to the ring and went at it with Mathers. Yaki delivered a German suplex to Lloyd. Ray and Yaki fought. Ray connected with a knee to Yaki. Yoya went after Ray. Zenshi returned and sent Ray to the floor. Ray delivered a kick to Zenshi on the apron when he paused a dive to the floor. 

Yaki leaped over the corner of the ring to wipe out several competitors on the outside. Mathers then cleared the top rope. Ray and Zenshi followed. Back in the ring, each wrestler delivered one of their signature moves as they attempted to emerge victorious from the match. Ray planted Yaki into the mat with a powerbomb variation to win. 

Winner: Axton Ray via pinfall

There was a slight delay due to an issue with the ring. 

BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) vs. Charles Mason and Parrow w/ Billy Dixon

Parrow and Effy began the match as the legal competitors. Effy delivered a series of forearms to Parrow. Effy took Parrow off his feet with a clothesline. Parrow replied by sending Effy crashing down to the canvas. Katch stepped into the ring to get in the face of Parrow. BUSSY worked together to take down Parrow. Mason spat a substance in Katch's face and took her out of the ring. The incident allowed Parrow to regain control of the match. 

Mason barked orders to Parrow from the apron as he continued to wear Effy down. Effy kicked Mason off the apron. Parrow delivered a sitout powerbomb to Effy. Mason entered the match and went to work on Effy. Parrow was tagged back in to continue the beating. Effy managed to tag in Katch. Mason was also tagged back into the match at the same time. Katch delivered a DDT to Parrow. Katch took Mason off his feet with a Northern Lights suplex. 

In response, Mason managed to drop Katch on top of Effy in the center of the ring. Dixon set up a door on the outside. Mason forced Katch to watch Parrow and Effy brawl on the floor. Katch connected with a knee strike on Mason. Effy smashed a chair over the head of Parrow. Effy and Katch surrounded Mason in the ring. BUSSY took turns in landing punches on Mason. 

Mason wiped out Katch in the center of the ring. Parrow suplexed Effy through the door set up on the outside by Dixon. Katch freed herself from a sleeper hold. Mason delivered a chokeslam but refused to go for the cover. Dixon brought a chair into the ring. Dixon inadvertently hit Mason with the chair, which allowed Katch to score the victory for her team. 

Winner: BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) via pinfall 

- After the match, Mason and Dixon exchanged words in the ring. Mason wanted Dixon to beg for forgiveness on his knees. Mason revealed he was paying Dixon's mother's hospital bills and used it against him. Dixon was forced to kiss Mason's feet. In the end, Parrow drove Dixon into the canvas.

Tony Deppen vs. Ricky Morton and Four-Way Tag Team Clash

Tony Deppen vs. Ricky Morton

Deppen spoke on the microphone before the match. Deppen said he didn't respect Morton for prolonging his career. Deppen took Morton down with a shoulder tackle. Deppen continued to disrespect Morton as the match progressed. Morton struck Deppen in the face. Deppen attempted to shake Morton's hand. Morton didn't fall for it and took Deppen down with a clothesline. 

Deppen began to work on Morton in the corner of the ring. Deppen struck Morton with a beer can. Morton replied by connecting with two clotheslines. Deppen missed a knee strike in the corner. Morton delivered a Canadian Destroyer in the center of the ring. Deppen pinned Morton while placing his feet on the ropes for leverage. 

Winner: Tony Deppen via pinfall

John Wayne Murdoch and George South vs. Revolt (Caleb Konley and Zane Riley) vs. Bojack and Lucky Ali vs. Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice and Mance Warner)

Konley and South started the match as the legal wrestlers. The biggest men in the match, Bojack and Riley, collided in the ring. Bojack showed off his strength as he bodyslammed Riley. Murdoch and Warner battled in the ring as a chair was introduced. Konley and Riley leaped through the ropes to the outside. Bojack lifted Ali and sent him to the floor to wipe out the remaining competitors in the match. Bojack then dived from the apron. 

The match broke down as the action spilled all over the venue. The "Second Gear Crew Split Screen" appeared to keep up with proceedings. Steel chairs and kendo sticks were used. South was busted open. South used a wooden spike on Ali. Back in the ring, Bojack took Riley down again. Riley lifted Bojack on his shoulders and slammed him down onto the canvas. 

Murdoch set up a door in the corner of the ring. Bojack sent Murdoch through the door. Bojack and Ali had a disagreement regarding pinning Murdoch. Warner speared South through another door set up in the corner. Warner delivered a knee to Ali. Justice followed up with a splash from the top to win. 

Winners: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) via pinfall

Main Event Match

El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco

Loco backed Vikingo into the ropes. Vikingo took Gringo off his feet. Vikingo took Loco down with an arm drag. The pace of the match briefly picked up. Loco managed to gain the upper hand as he sought to keep the Vikingo grounded. Vikingo delivered a series of kicks to Loco. Vikingo stood on the ring post and springboarded off the ropes to send Loco to the floor. The AAA Mega Champion then leaped from the ropes to the outside. 

VIkingo connected with a Phoenix splash upon briefly returning to the ring. Loco, seated on a chair at ringside, moved out of the way as Vikingo dived through the ropes. Loco took advantage and sent Vikingo through several rows of chairs. Loco set up a door bridge on the floor. Back inside the ring, Loco smashed a chair over the head of Vikingo. 

Vikingo eventually fought back and immediately picked up the pace. Vikingo went for an inverted 450 into a headscissors, but didn't connect with all of it. Vikingo walked the top rope and dived to the floor to wipe out Loco. Vikingo hit Loco with a steel chair. Loco got his knees up in the ring to counter Vikingo's shooting star press. Loco planted Vikingo into the mat. 

Vikingo delivered a combination of moves. Vikingo placed Loco on top of the door bridge assembled on the floor. Vikingo sprung off the middle rope and over the top rope to connect with a 630 splash through the door. As the action returned to the ring, Loco took out the legs of Vikingo on the top turnbuckle. Loco delivered a military press to Vikingo from the top. Vikingo landed a poison rana from the top. Vikingo finished off Loco with a 630 splash. 

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo via pinfall

- That's all for GCW Don't Talk To Me 2023!