Backstage Update On WWE Smackdown Prep For Uncle Howdy

Tonight's "WWE SmackDown" takes place inside Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and as the date for this year's Royal Rumble event draws near, WWE fans await the next stage of the storyline involving Bray Wyatt, LA Knight, and the mysterious "Uncle Howdy." Ahead of tonight's show, there's been an update on how WWE is handling prep work for the Uncle Howdy character.

Wyatt and Knight have been feuding since November 2022, but they haven't gone one-on-one yet. That'll change at the Royal Rumble, as the two will collide in a Pitch Black Match. A key piece to the storyline has been Uncle Howdy, who apparently kidnapped Knight at one point, has been showing up during Alexa Bliss segments on "WWE Raw," and even attacked Wyatt on a recent episode of "SmackDown." Now, Fightful is reporting that WWE had materials for Wyatt and the Howdy"character sent to Detroit for "SmackDown," though it also notes that this doesn't confirm either one of them will be featured on the show. Firefly Funhouse material was also reportedly sent over, but this is apparently a common prep routine for WWE, whether the props are used or not.

Uncle Howdy appeared in physical form in front of a live audience for the first time during the December 16 episode of "SmackDown," standing on the entrance ramp and engaging in a staredown with Wyatt, who was in the ring. Speculation has run rampant on who is playing the character, but Fightful reported that WWE has been "playing it close to the vest." It's been said that the person playing Uncle Howdy doesn't even take off the mask backstage, though all indications point to the performer being Wyatt's real-life brother, former WWE star Bo Dallas.