Encouraging Health Update On Jay Briscoe's Daughters

On Friday night, some good news came through about the status of the daughters of Jay Briscoe (real name Jamin Pugh) after the car accident that killed him on Tuesday evening. The information was relayed via a Facebook Live stream from two representatives of a local non-profit organization that is working with the Pugh family in navigating the aftermath of the accident.

Gracie, Jay's twelve-year-old daughter, had the more severe spinal injury coming out of the accident, initially having no movement from her waist down and no sensation from her knees down. After surgery, she started to regain sensation on Thursday night in the form of itching and tingling that made the night difficult for her but is promising long-term as a sign of her regaining feeling. Friday morning, she regained feeling in her lower extremities and had an occupational therapy session, also regained some ability to move her legs using her thigh muscles, and was able to get in and out of a wheelchair multiple times. Her pain medications were also switched to oral from intravenous.

Jayleigh, also known as J.J., Jay's nine-year-old daughter, was fitted for a back brace and, while in pain, was able to sit up in her hospital bed as well as move to a wheelchair for about an hour. As of Friday, she still had a feeding tube, but the hope was that it would be able to be removed on Saturday so she could eat normally at that point. She's spent most of the day sleeping while receiving intravenous medications.

Both girls are expected to have a long recovery requiring a lot of physical therapy. Also on Friday, Jay's brother, Mark, their father, Mike, and Jay's son, Gannon, were able to visit the girls in light of their conditions stabilizing. The crowdfunding page for the family is still accepting donations, but if you're not comfortable with paying online, checks can be made out to the Pugh Family Fund at the Bank of Delmarva.