Kevin Nash Wants To Do An Attitude Era Movie

Throughout the history of WWE, there have been different eras that were defined by what the programming offered to fans. Perhaps the most well-known — or at least the one that pulled the best Nielsen ratings — was the Attitude Era, which began in the late 90s and lasted into the early 2000s. The incident that essentially kicked off this era would forever bind the four men involved: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash, who were good friends backstage but enemies onscreen. During an untelevised live event at Madison Square Garden, as Hall and Nash prepared to leave for WCW, the four embraced in the ring, officially shattering kayfabe and exposing the dramatic, scripted nature of the business, an incident that became known as the Curtain Call.

Recently, Nash opened up about working through that time in WWE on his "Kliq This" podcas, saying he believes Michaels was the main influencer of the group and is responsible for a lot of the antics they got into.

"I don't know if the Kliq would have any heat if Shawn wasn't in it," Nash said. "He had a ton of f***ing heat. He was a cocky f***er. Everything that made Shawn work in the ring -– like, there are guys in this business, I think [CM] Punk is one of them. Punk has that, where he kind of rubs people the wrong way a little bit. He's just not a guy who's going to walk in [and be chill]."

Who Would Play Shawn Michaels?

Michaels' disorderly backstage was evident, but since Nash was one of Michaels' friends, he avoided most issues. Alternatively, Nash knew that he could address things physically if it was needed. "When it comes down to it, sooner or later, you get out there with somebody, and if he can't beat your f***ing ass, he really needs to watch out with what the f*** he does, cause, man, you can put him in a rear choke hole and take a handful of his hair and put it down his throat."

Nash recalled the way Michaels would abuse his power at times and try to expose people in the ring for their weaknesses. He knew the way to counter this was to use his size to his advantage and lean into Michaels during moves. The same could be said for Scott Hall, who would work snugly in the ring and amp up the intensity when he was in there with Nash.

"You tell Scott Hall to hit you with something, he's going to f***ing paralyze you," Nash said. "We went back and forth. [In] 14 days, I broke his nose twice and he broke mine once just from going hard." With so many memories in the ring and behind the scenes, Nash wants to make a film someday that tells the story of The Attitude Era. 

"It's called 'King of the Road,'" he said. "I would have Channing Tatum be Shawn Michaels."