TV Exec Discusses The Complicated Nature Of A WWE Sale

It's been over two weeks since Vince McMahon officially reinstated himself to WWE's Board and later became executive chairman once again. The 77-year-old, who retired amid sexual misconduct allegations last summer, revealed he was returning to explore "strategic alternatives" to maximize shareholder value, primarily involving the potential sale of WWE. While there's reportedly a handful of interested parties, television network executive Bob Bedol, who previously owned Classic Sports Network (CSN) and College Sports Television (CSTV), has detailed the complex process that could be in progress behind the scenes. 

"When you've got a five to 10 billion dollar transaction, you have multiple people working on it," Bedol said on the "Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff" podcast. "There's a bit of a dance that goes on — especially in a complicated situation like this — between the deal that Vince might want to do and the deal that the 'shareholders' want to do, because he's got this super majority vote that gives him more control. And to avoid shareholder lawsuits, my guess is that there will be a firm that brings in the buyer, and then there will be an independent analysis of the value of the bid."

JP Morgan, a global leader in financial services, had reportedly been brought in by WWE to help advise on a potential sale, with the Stamford-based organization hoping to have the deal completed by the middle of the year. Several sources recently disputed claims that WWE had been sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, but it's said that the PIF is one of the potential bidders

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