Nick Wayne Dives Into Details Of His AEW Contract

AEW's potential next star is just wasting for his 18th birthday this summer to be able step foot in the ring.

Nick Wayne, 17, signed with AEW last February when he was just 16. He told Chris Jericho this week on his "Talk Is Jericho" podcast that he'll be eligible to start wrestling for the promotion in July.

"As of right now, I can't do any in-ring work with AEW until I turn 18, which will be this July," Wayne said, likening his current contract to an "apprenticeship" and clarifying that he isn't getting paid by AEW yet. 

"From last February until July, it's just a learning experience, trying to learn TV wrestling and how AEW does things around here," he said.

Wayne is the son of the late Buddy Wayne, a pro wrestler who trained the likes of AEW's Darby Allin in the Seattle area.

The younger Wayne began training when he was 9 and had his first match at 12. He's performed for independent promotions such as GCW, DEFY, and PROGRESS Wrestling. Wayne was surprised with an AEW contract offer when Allin showed up after the then-16-year-old's match with Christopher Daniels at DEFY Wrestling last February.

"I had no clue [Allin] was here or in town or anything," Wayne said. "And he did something with Daniels, then he got on the microphone, he was talking for a bit, and then he pulled a paper out of his pocket and it was the AEW contract. I said 'yes' in front of the fans and it blew up online. I was trending like No. 7 in the world on Twitter for this contract."

Wayne said "it took me months to realize that was even real."

"I just felt like I was on cloud nine forever, and I still do," he said.