Kenny Omega Reveals Upcoming Appearance In Video Game Franchise

Kenny Omega and Video Games, go together like...well...Kenny Omega and Video Games. 

The self-described "avid gamer" took to Twitter to share a video championing his inclusion as a free downloadable character in RGG Studio's "Like a Dragon: Ishin," a remake of the 2014 game that will be available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC on February 21.

For me, I wanted more people to know about this game and more people to know about this series," Omega said in the video, "and I thought whatever extra thing they needed from me, I would be the guy to do it." Omega goes on to compare the storytelling style of RGG Studio's work with professional wrestling. 

"It's open-ended, it's open concept. You can take it at face value, or you can really take a deep dive and explore this world where almost anything's possible." Omega says that he has been fond of the series and couldn't believe that he'd be able to be a part of it. "Here's a game that I had my hands on at [Japanese gaming convention] TGS thinking 'this has got a release date already, how is it possible that I could even be included?' What would Kenny Omega be in 'Ishin?'"

Omega will not only be a character, but his One Winged Angel finishing maneuver was the namesake for his DLC's main attack, which Omega describes as "useful" for the swarming enemies of the game.

"Like a Dragon: Ishin" isn't Omega's only scheduled video game appearance, as the newly-minted AEW World Trios Champion is a cover athlete for the upcoming "AEW Fight Forever," which is currently facing delays as both AEW and developer Yuke's are seeking a yet-to-be-granted "T" rating for the game.