Bray Wyatt Says One Of His Old Characters Is 'Gone Forever'

Bray Wyatt has revealed which one of his characters is "gone forever." Wyatt is in the midst of his second run with WWE. His first stint with the company ended with his release in July 2021. Wyatt has been back on WWE TV since Extreme Rules 2022, but not as "The Fiend." During an appearance on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin," Wyatt said that while he can't see himself donning the Hawaiian shirt again out of respect for the late Brodie Lee, it's "The Fiend" character that has truly been seen for the final time.


"The Fiend died that day in Tampa, Florida at WrestleMania, to me," Wyatt said. "Again, The Fiend is not just a goof in a mask like people think. That's just ridiculous. To me, it's so much more, and once you see where all these things come from with how they molded me as a human being, but he died that day, and he can never be again. It's gone. Again, I don't know how people will react to that, but in my head it's gone forever."

Wyatt said that Alexa Bliss is the last "happy piece" of "The Fiend" character. He said fans can read into that however they want, but the reality is "The Fiend" is no more. Wyatt said nowadays, everything comes across as more organic with his current character. He said the genius of WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque is that the talent can be more free-flowing and everything just happens naturally, rather than forcing something or being tied down to certain rules.


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