Austin Theory Believes This Caused A Lot Of Controversy For Him In WWE

Austin Theory has reflected on a time in his career when he felt there was some controversy that needed to be addressed. It's no secret that Theory was Vince McMahon's "chosen one," both on-screen and behind the scenes, and was being pushed towards main event status, but many fans and experts felt it was too much, too soon.


Theory was the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, but after being booked to lose a slew of matches, few took him as a credible threat to Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run. Ultimately, Theory failed after cashing in his briefcase for the United States Championship. 

During an appearance on SiriuxXM's "Busted Open Radio," Theory looked back on having the pressure of being "Mr. Money in the Bank" in the midst of a historic world title run for Reigns.

"I think the briefcase is where it got a lot of controversy," Theory said. "Basically, it just kind of was getting to the point if you were looking at it from like a widescale of 'where's this going,' you look at Roman Reigns, he's pretty much immortal right now. So, I think, for me, in a sense of, I need to be way more built up to look even possible to beat Roman Reigns. The briefcase was just kind of an anchor on me."


While Theory failed to win after cashing in his briefcase, he later became a two-time United States Champion. Theory believes things ultimately worked out and stated that he doesn't think there was ever really a plan when he held the briefcase. The US Champion said he was fortunate to work with veterans such as Dolph Ziggler to help in his development.

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