Austin Theory Talks History With Brock Lesnar, Future Of WWE Feud With Bobby Lashley, 'Prison' Dominik Mysterio, & More! - Exclusive

Much like the rise of Pepsi, many WWE fans are clamoring for the voice of a new generation. Could that voice be that of an arrogant Gen-Zer named Austin Theory? With the WWE United States Championship around his waste and a laundry list of other WWE accomplishments, the youngest male member of the WWE roster certainly has a case.


This past weekend, Theory came up short in the WWE Royal Rumble after being eliminated by eventual winner Cody Rhodes, and will now be forced to put his US title on the line inside the Elimination Chamber later this month in Montreal. While the main event looks to be Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn, Theory will look to once again steal the show just as he did the last time he climbed into WWE's most dangerous structure — though his previous memorable Chamber moment came at his own physical cost, as he was F-5'd off the top of a Chamber pod by Brock Lesnar, who went on to win the match.

In this exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman from Friday's Royal Rumble press junket, Theory discusses working with Lesnar, his WWE WrestleMania ambitions, "Prison" Dominik Mysterio, and more!


American Muscle

Nick Hausman: Austin, how does it feel to represent the United States of America?

Austin Theory: Feels really good.


Yeah. I mean, look at me. I represent the United States of America. It feels great.


What is it about America you really feel you personify?

Man, just the American muscle.

The American muscle?

Yeah. The American muscle.

I like that.

The true definition.

Are you trying to get a new moniker going? Is that something you're trying to work out here?

Probably not.

I got to ask you about the big thing that happened this past Monday night. You had another run in with "The Beast," Brock Lesnar.

Did I?

Yeah, I think so. Do you not remember that?

So I remember I had Bobby Lashley where I wanted him.


I had him right there. And then he picked me up and I remember hitting the table really hard, and then I won. So I think... I don't know, did I hit a DDT when he picked me up to the table or...

We all saw Brock Lesnar kind of drop you onto Bobby Lashley. I don't know.


Is that what happened?

That's what we all saw, Austin.

I'm still the champ.

I had read that Brock sat you down and gave you some notes and went back and watched this match with you from the Elimination Chamber.

Oh wow.

I'm a little surprised to hear he rolled you like that, Austin.

Maybe we're working together.

Oh, is that a possibility here?

Maybe that's what's going on.

Brock Lesnar doesn't seem to like anybody.

He doesn't.

He's like a walking dinosaur, right?


That'll just eat you.

You know what? Maybe I'm a little out of hand. I don't think he likes me.


I don't think so ... I could try to draw that from what happened this past Monday. But honestly, I think I've actually perfected the F-5. I think I'm the one person that has figured it out.

Is it because you took it from 15 feet up in the Elimination Chamber?

And now I keep my United States Championship because of it.

Garnering Attention From The Beast

You've talked a lot about how you would really love this dream match with John Cena, right?

Oh man.

But we're only a couple months away from WrestleMania now, and I don't know what John's plans are, but "The Beast" has kind of put you in his vicinity here. Is that a marquee match that interests you? 


So are you thinking that it's possible, me verse Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania? 

Yeah, because you got a title. Title Matches are big marquee matches. Is that a match you would want? I mean, it doesn't seem like a fun time, wrestling Brock Lesnar.

If that's the challenge, I'll take the challenge. Me and Brock Lesnar for the United States Championship.

It seems like a marquee match to me, right?

Sounds like Hollywood to me.

Now, if you were to have the match, is there any stipulation you'd want on it?

Oh, for sure.

So how would you want this to go down?

Definitely No Disqualification. Just because Brock's definitely going to need all the weapons he can use.


But I think that's the stipulation. I think that's all we need.


I don't know, man. No DQ. This guy drove a tractor to the ring of WrestleMania.

He did.

Nearly cut the ring in half with that thing. I mean, you throw the No DQ thing out there. I have no idea what this guy could do.

Maybe a Handicap Match.

Well, that's a good idea. Who's on your side then, though?

Maybe it's The Street Profits.


No, that's a bad idea.

You don't seem like you'd get along with The Street Profits.

I don't think so. Let's see. Maybe that is what we have to let everybody else decide ... Maybe I should have a tag team? I think a tag team.

Well, there's somebody else that's kind of back in the WWE orbit that you were mentored by, and that's Vince McMahon.

I don't know about that being a team, against Brock Lesnar? I think we got to think more of the now.


Yeah, it's going to have to be up to these guys. They're going to have to guess. They're going to have to comment. They're going to have to figure out what is the best trio to take on Brock Lesnar.

Battles With Bobby Lashley

Do you feel you have anything to prove with Bobby Lashley still, or do you kind of see yourself as moving past Bobby Lashley?

I am moving past Bobby Lashley. Bobby Lashley is so jealous of me. It all started when I got on that platform and I was doing my posing routine, and this guy was jealous. I get it. I get it. And then we had a match at Money in the Bank. He was the better man that night, he was. What did I do? ... I was like, all right, I'm going to dust myself off. I'm going to go win the Money in the Bank match. And all those guys complained that I entered that match, but I was the only guy in that match that wasn't 100%.


Fair enough.

And I beat everybody. And then after that, look at my Money in the Bank cash-in. The only reason I didn't successfully cash in was because of Bobby Lashley. So what happened this past Monday? We got rid of Bobby Lashley. He lost. He lost. You lost, Bobby. You lost.


One thing I really wanted to get your thoughts on was, we've realized over at Wrestling Inc. that you, and I think Dominik, are the only Gen Z wrestlers right now on the main WWE roster. What does it mean to you to be that young at this level right now, and kind of representing a whole new generation of fans that are really getting into what you're doing right now and what you guys are doing?


Man, it's very unique, especially with Dom. Me and him are really good friends. So both being 25 years old and having the position that we both have, and just the level of being on "Monday Night Raw" and what we're given, it's amazing. And especially like you said, having that different dynamic and that different fan base to really look at us because ... We're the guys right now.

It does feel that way, because you got more time in front of you than pretty much anybody else on the roster right now to grow.


And it really seems like the light bulbs are clicking for both you guys right now.

Thank you for that.

And you talk about backup against Brock. I mean, this guy's done time in prison.

That's true. But I think Dom's a little too dangerous for Brock.



That's Prison Dom, we're talking about.

Prison Hard Dom.

It's Prison Dom. I mean, did some hard times, man. That's a touchy subject. I don't think Brock even wants to speak on that.