NJPW Stars Invade Pro Wrestling NOAH Event

As Keiji Muto's final bow nears, the friction between Pro Wrestling NOAH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling has reached a fever pitch. At last night's Great Voyage in Osaka event, two NJPW stars crashed NOAH's party before and after the main event.

The surprises began before the main event when Muto's final opponent Tetsuya Naito shocked the audience by coming down the ramp and confronting Muto, who was set to do color commentary for the closing GHC Heavyweight Championship match between champion Kaito Kiyomiya and his opponent Jack Morris. Naito noted that he stayed in Osaka after NJPW's New Beginning In Osaka event the previous night, and reminisced about the last time he traveled to Osaka for Muto, all the way back in 1999, as a fan. Naito's remarks were stern yet respectful, allowing the main event to go off without a hitch. 

Kiyomiya retained the GHC Heavyweight Title against Morris, but his celebration was short-lived, as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada attacked the young star after his match, leveling Kiyomiya with a Rainmaker. Boos rained down on Okada from the heavily pro-NOAH crowd, as Okada finally accepted the already-signed champion vs. champion non-title bout for February 21 in the Tokyo Dome, chastising the NOAH crowd in the process.

Keiji Muto Grand Final Pro Wrestling "Last Love" will take place live in Tokyo on February 21, and will see Muto face Naito in the main event. Naito and Okada aren't the only NJPW talent set for the grand farewell. Bullet Club's Gedo and Taiji Ishimori will face Nosawa Rongai and Mazada, while IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi will face Amakusa in non-title action.