Maximum Male Models Recruit Unconventional Member On WWE Raw

Chad Gable is in danger of losing the kinship of his "Number 1 guy", Otis.

On the 2/13 "WWE Raw" in Brooklyn, New York, Maximum Male Models tried to recruit Otis to their faction, with Maxxine Dupri making it clear she's an admirer of Otis' unconventional body.

The segment began with Gable lecturing Otis on the harmful effects of eating a hotdog, pointing to the "nitrates and toxins" in the popular snack. Gable then threw away the hotdog, which struck mån.sôör in the face just as the Maximum Male Models walked around in the backstage area.  

Even as an irate mån.sôör sounded off on Gable ruining his face with mustard, Dupri interrupted and attempted to recruit Otis.

 "We're looking for the face and the physique for our new campaign," Dupri informed Otis. "Have you ever considered doing any modeling?"

At this point, Gable chimed in and spoke about his own modeling experiences, only to be cut off by Dupri.

"Actually I was talking to Otis," Maxxine responded, as she pronounced Otis' name as "Otís." The segment ended with Otis staring down the MMM card.

Dupri has been scouting Otis as a potential member for several weeks, with a backstage segment on February 6 also hinting at MMM getting a new member. On that night, Otis accidentally threw his sweaty towel on the face of mån.sôör, but Dupri had her eyes locked on Otis, referring to the possible recruitment as "perfect" for the future of her modeling agency.