Lio Rush Opens Up About AEW Departure

Before Lio Rush debuted for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he experienced a brief run with All Elite Wrestling. Rush debuted in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing 2021 but shortly after announced his retirement. He then signed a contract in September and made his "AEW Dynamite" debut in November. After working four matches, Rush became a free agent last February when his contract expired.

During a recent appearance on a "K & S WrestleFest" stream on Facebook, Rush elaborated on his AEW departure. He started off by saying a lot of the story got mixed up on the internet and that he had a separated shoulder around the same time. Rush also cited his young age and the fact that he had already experienced being under a long-term contract when he was WWE. Ultimately, the way AEW wanted to present Rush played a factor in his decision.

"I feel like AEW clearly had a plan for me," Rush said. "I was presented a certain way. They had the vignettes and everything. So they knew what to do with me in terms of a plan they had. Was it what I saw for myself in the company? Probably not. I just came from being a manager on TV. Probably the last thing I would want to do is transition over and do a similar role."

Rush was signed with WWE from 2017 until 2020 when he was released during mass budget cuts at the onset of the pandemic. After his AEW stint, Rush went to Japan to take part in NJPW's Super Junior Tag League where he was victorious alongside YOH. The 28-year-old is currently slated to challenge Hiromu Takahashi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship on March 21.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "K & S WrestleFest" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.