'Hangman' Adam Page Talks Being Harassed By Autograph Seekers, Explains 'House Show Signature'

Wrestling fans can be a bit much at times, but autograph seekers seem to be on an entirely different level. But if you're hounding AEW star Adam "Hangman" Page, you won't receive the best autograph. During a Facebook live signing for Highspots Superstore, he revealed the method behind his "house show signature," as well as what he considers to be his own personal space.

"I'll tell you a little secret — if you ever buy one that doesn't have the 'Hangman' underneath, it's because someone harassed me in the hotel lobby and I give them the halfway, house show signature," Page said while penning his authentic signature for a fan.

Asked to repeat the difference between his authentic and "house show signature" later on in the signing, Page explained why he doesn't like to be asked for autographs in his hotel. "Don't come in my hotel lobby," he reiterated. "That's my front door, you know what I mean? Leave me alone." He was, however, a little more open to airport autographs depending on the situation — such as whether or not the person has children.

Eventually, Page was asked to sign a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from "Ghostbusters," prompting quite the story from the former AEW World Champion. "I wore this costume on my body and then I tried to rip it off, but I had on big white tennis shoes and couldn't get it off my feet," he recalled. "So I waddled around the ring until I got to the back and cut it off with scissors. It was so embarrassing but fun."