MJF Comments On Potentially Leading NJPW's Bullet Club

As the slogan goes, "Bullet Club is fine." But would it be better with MJF? Maxwell Jacob Friedman continues to ride high in AEW as the reigning World Champion, equipped with his cherished "Triple B." However, he's doing so solo with no reinforcements watching his back — a departure from his past arrangements. From The Dynasty in MLW to The Pinnacle in AEW, MJF has been associated with his fair share of factions throughout his young career. But unlike a good amount of his AEW colleagues, MJF has never established any ties to the notorious Bullet Club. And now with Jay White seemingly exiting New Japan Pro-Wrestling — and a leadership void in Bullet Club as a result — one wrestling fan on Twitter suggested that maybe MJF ascend to such a role. 

According to his response, MJF is not only better than you, but he's also better than Bullet Club — and you know it. "I'd rather join the 'bullet in my skull' club," he wrote.

Bullet Club has managed to stick around and be relevant, dating back to its formation in May 2013. The group has seen its membership cycle in and out, welcoming new members into the mix while kicking others to the curb over the years. That has also meant a series of different leaders as well; names like Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Kenny Omega have headed up the organization. Who will fill the leadership vacuum next is anybody's guess, but you can be as sure as Bryan Danielson challenging for the AEW World Championship in a 60-minute Iron Man Match at Revolution next month that it will not be MJF.