Dijak Claims Locker Room 'Popped Huge' When Miz Won The WWE Title In 2021

The Miz might be a former two-time WWE Champion and someone who has headlined WrestleMania, but at the start of his career he spent six months changing in bathrooms and cupboards due to getting banned from the locker room. Few would have predicted that the former reality star would go on to become a locker room leader, but that's exactly what happened for the "A-Lister," according to "WWE NXT" superstar Dijak.

"Two years ago it was the middle of the pandemic, and it was the end of the night so there was probably only 15-20 of us left, but let me tell you the entire locker room was watching the monitor when [The Miz] won the WWE Title and we all popped huge," Dijak tweeted. "From outcast to leader." Dijak was reacting to a video of Miz discussing how far he's come in his career. While certain veterans of the past may have treated him poorly, that didn't stop Miz from proving everybody wrong when it came to his commitment and desire in the wrestling business. Even though Dijak only shared the ring with Miz once during his stint on the main roster, the respect he has for him is clear by the fact he stuck around to watch Miz claim the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2021. 

That win would earn The Miz two-time Grand Slam Champion status, more than backing up the dedication he has put in since his difficult introduction to WWE. However, his second run with the WWE Title would only last for eight days, as he dropped the title to Bobby Lashley and went on to feud with Bad Bunny.