SHIMMER Founder Allison Danger Set To Make GCW Debut

Allison Danger is coming to GCW. 

Monday afternoon, the promotion announced that the Ring of Honor veteran and SHIMMER co-founder would be making her GCW debut in April. GCW is set to return to Atlanta on April 21 for Into The Light, which is where she'll be stepping back into the ring. This would mark just her second match since abruptly retiring in April 2013 after suffering a stroke a few months prior that forced her to hang up her boots. Danger, the sister of WWE Performance Center coach Steve Corino, last wrestled on October 27 on a Sean Henderson Presents show, teaming with her nephew Colby Corino to defeat Brandon and Kasey Kiry. 

As of now, Danger does not have an announced opponent. However, she is also the first name announced for that particular card, so there's plenty of time for one to be found. Additionally, it is highly likely that her SHIMMER founding partner Dave Prazak will be on the broadcasting call for the show, as he has been in the past.

In recent months, Danger has been working behind the scenes in both Women's Wrestling Army and Catalyst Wrestling. Previously, she was working as a coach herself at the WWE PC. However, she was let go at the start of 2022. She would later share with Renee Paquette on her podcast the difficulty that situation presented, having uprooted her family from Las Vegas to move to Orlando, Florida for a job that was gone within three months. "I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die, because now my family's split, we're struggling through that. I'm still now five months out and nothing to show for it, and I still have no idea what I'm going to do," she told Paquette. "This has been a rock bottom year."