Allison Danger ‘Got Brought To Florida And Then Left To Die’ By WWE

Allison Danger has had a tough 2022, and she's still at a loss for what to do following her WWE release in January. Danger, who had been hired as a trainer in "NXT," was one of the cuts that took place during the height of COVID-19 pandemic, and the news of her release was particularly shocking given that she had just moved across the country to Florida.

Danger, real name Cathy Corino — the sister of legendary wrestler Steve Corino, who also works for WWE as a producer — joined Renee Paquette on the newest episode of "The Sessions" to talk about her situation.

"They said it wasn't my fault, there was nothing I did wrong," Danger recalled. "I had literally gotten a text a couple days before about, we were all doing great jobs, and how happy they were with the current roster, and I was told, you know, if they could bring me back they would in a heartbeat, and to make sure I know it wasn't a reflection on me, it was a change from the higher-ups going, 'Hey, we're going to restructure and that's that,' and that's it. And I was numb, and then I cried, and then I was numb, and then I cried, and then I'm sitting there going, 'What am I going to do now?' Like, could you have not fired me a week before so I could have packed my kid up, moved him up with my husband and then followed up if possible? Like, it's their first day of school. How do I rip my kid out of this?"

The frustration didn't stop there for Danger, who was already dealing with the trials and tribulations of having a child in school during the COVID-19 pandemic — trials that compounded when her family was forced to live separately during the move.

"I got COVID from the December tryout," Danger said. "So our first Christmas all apart, my husband was making it down, and literally he walked in in a mask, we watched Kendall unwrap presents, and then he went straight to the airport and flew right back. And then I'm back to work three days, and that's it. I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die, because now my family's split, we're struggling through that. I'm still now five months out and nothing to show for it, and I still have no idea what I'm going to do. This has been a rock bottom year."

Paquette was empathetic to Danger's plight and remained optimistic as there's still several opportunities available. Danger is far from an unknown in the business, after all — she's had a great deal of in-ring experience with both Ring of Honor and SHIMMER Women Athletes, the promotion she co-founded with Dave Prazak in 2005. And since she wasn't fired due to her performance, there could be, as Paquette put it, "phone calls to be made."

"That's where the mind-f*ck comes in, because there hasn't been phone calls," Danger said. "I feel like everybody landed on their feet but me. It's to the point where I'm like, 'Is the universe telling me this is it, this is done?' I chased the dream, I got it for three months, and I'm financially devastated."

There is one potential future for Danger, however, that could be considered a better possibility than others. Danger retired from in-ring action back in 2013, but she still holds Ring of Honor near and dear to her heart, and now that the promotion is owned by AEW President Tony Khan, Danger would love to make a return in some capacity.

"Deep down, selfishly, do I want to get my fingers into it? Oh my God, yes!" Danger said. "It would be so cool! Every day, every day I'm manifesting."

Danger does have indirect ties to AEW — the company's newest signee, Claudio Castagnoli, is the former tag team partner of her husband, Ares.