Dax Harwood Thinks Tony Khan Might Be More Hard-Working Than Vince McMahon

Not everyone has had the distinction of working under both Tony Khan and Vince McMahon, with one of them being current AEW Dax Harwood. Over the years, we've heard plenty about McMahon's incredible work ethic, but during his appearance on "Inside the Ropes," Harwood suggested that Khan may have the edge when it comes to how hard they both work. 

"Comparing and contrasting Vince and Tony, there's so much that they are alike with but there's so many things they're also different with," Harwood said. "Vince McMahon was not a huge fan of us aesthetically ... he loved our work, he would tell us all the time he loved our work."

Harwood gave a couple of different reasons why he feels Khan works a little bit harder than McMahon.

"On the flip side you've got Tony Khan, a man who's obviously successful in his business ventures," he continued. "Just as, maybe more hard-working than Vince, because he's got AEW, he's got the soccer league, he's got the Jaguars. I don't know if he ever sleeps, but he is so hard-working and so passionate. But you know, there are also some things that I don't agree with there as well."

McMahon loved the work Harwood and his tag team partner Cash Wheeler did, but he wasn't very big on tag team wrestling as he felt that it did not make his company money. There was always a balance to be struck between entertainment value and the overall in-ring product.

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