WWE Staff To Begin Relocating To New Stamford HQ Later This Month

After numerous delays, thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE is finally moving out of Titan Tower in Stamford, Connecticut to its new headquarters in the same city. On Wednesday, PWInsider reported that the migration to the new building at 677 Washington Boulevard will finally begin by the end of March. With renovations still ongoing and hopes of as smooth of a process as possible, the goal is to have everyone moved over by early 2024.

In terms of practicality, the biggest benefit for WWE employees is that every aspect of the company will be under one roof. Currently, WWE's operations are segmented across multiple buildings, with the television production studio being in one of those separate buildings. The other buildings are not right next to Titan Tower, so the services of a WWE-employed crossing guard for the shorter treks and company shuttle buses for the longer ones were needed. The move will eliminate the need for the shuttle buses entirely, as commuters arriving by train will have a four-to-five-minute walk from the Stamford Metro North station. The current Titan Tower at 1241 East Main Street is about two miles from the train station, hence the shuttle buses instead of asking the commuting employees to take a 40-minute walk.

The new building is much bigger than the old one, measuring 712,000 square feet per floor instead of 110,000. While WWE owns the existing Titan Tower, it is renting the new headquarters, with the current lease being for 16-and-a-half years with the option to renew in five-year increments. WWE has been based out of the old building since buying it in 1985.