Cody Rhodes Reveals The Inspirations Behind His Ring Gear Over The Years

Cody Rhodes has one of the most recognizable ring gear styles in wrestling today, and in a recent interview with "AJ Awesome," he revealed that the inspiration has roots in the military, which aligns with the fact he is a self-proclaimed "huge American history buff."


"If you look up military dress uniforms, all different armies all over the globe there's some amazing just — the pageantry is really special," Rhodes explained. "To see some of these old outfits be able to be utilized I think it goes along a lot with the 'American Nightmare' side of what I do."

Rhodes praised Sandra Gray, who has been making all of his gear from his "Dashing" days through Stardust and into today, admitting that he has pushed her at times. He believes she nailed it with his classic coat that has been dubbed the "Homelander'" jacket by fans — referencing a character from the Amazon Prime series "The Boys," even though Rhodes feels the only similarity is the golden scales they share. That has become his signature look since he debuted it in AEW, and Rhodes brought the same design with him to WWE, something he'd like to keep moving forward.


"After that, I feel like I want to just maintain that style, you know you find your yellow trunks, you find your jean shorts, you find this thing you want to stick with," he said. "But Sandra's a designer, she's an artist, she wants to keep coming up with stuff. As long as it kind of comes back to that original look that she came up with, it's so special. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "AJ Awesome" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.