Cody Rhodes Addresses Comparisons Between His Gear And Homelander

AEW's TNT Champion Cody Rhodes recently spoke with about the comparisons some fans make between the look of his gear and Homelander. The superhero character appears on 'The Boys,' and he is a villain that is positioned in the typical heroic role. However, Cody stated that his ring gear wasn't done on purpose, even though it did create a parallel.


"I never want to ruin it for anybody. I never judge our fans or hold them accountable. They pay their money. They can do whatever they'd like. That's the beauty of being a fan," Cody said. "But I can tell you Sandra Gray, who's been making my gear since Dashing Cody Rhodes, has no idea about Homelander. And now, that jacket is forever synonymous with it, but it is a really unique parallel.

"I know people have a lot of fun with fan art where it's concerned. With what's happening with me and the reactions, I don't want to ruin it for anybody," he said. "But I feel like the luckiest wrestler alive that we're able to cause this polarity, that we're able to have every show be click baited and discussed."


Cody Rhodes went on to talk about how lucky he feels right now with the reactions that are taking place for him by the crowds. He also stated that they will be going in a different direction from whatever people think.

"And just the thing I am most excited about is, as with all things AEW, we're not going a path that perhaps you saw on another wrestling show. We are going to be going in a different direction and that makes for great wrestling because it's new. Because it's fresh," he added. "But yeah, with everything that's going on with the crowds for me right now, I really have to pinch myself. In terms of (being) very lucky."