LA Knight Seems To Be Done Waiting For His Opportunity At A WWE WrestleMania Moment

The WrestleMania 39 card continues to fill up as we get closer and closer to the end of the road in a few short weeks. But one WWE Superstar who finds themselves without a spot on the show as of now is LA Knight. That's something the self-proclaimed mega-star is not okay with, and he's tired of waiting for an opportunity to open up.  


"EVERYBODY knows you can't have an LA Wrestlemania without LA Knight," he tweeted over the weekend. "But WWE is late to the game, DRAGGING THEIR FEET on giving WrestleMania the opportunity for an LA Knight moment. It's about damn time I get a heads-up. I'm done waiting."

The "WWE SmackDown" star has made it clear that he wants to be at WrestleMania for some sort of moment — this being the first WrestleMania he's been on the main roster to be a part of. He did have a chance to cement his place on the show this past Friday; Knight competed in the Fatal Five-way match to find a No.1 contender for GUNTHER's Intercontinental Championship. But both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre scored simultaneous pinfalls at the same time to further the drama as to which one will go on to WrestleMania, leaving Knight out in the cold. 


That still leaves Knight without any specific direction or path to Los Angeles, and he could be running out of options. Knight was not booked to be part of Elimination Chamber last month, and he suffered defeat at the hands of Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble — far from the hot streak one would want to be on heading into WrestleMania season. Then again, how hard can it be to find a spot for a guy to just say "Yeah"?