Sam Adonis Comments On WWE Release, Separation From Corey Graves, Potential Return

"Everything happens for a reason."

Sam Adonis had a brief tenure in Florida Championship Wrestling, a WWE developmental territory at the time while he was under a developmental contract with the company. But it was over in just ten months. In a new interview with "Wrestling Epicenter," the AAA and Major League Wrestling star says that he believes that failed run is what set him up for success in his career.


"I was the young kid that was so obsessed and got lucky and caught a break and got signed," Adonis explained. "If that didn't happen, the doors that have opened since then wouldn't have opened. I was able to get a job in Europe for All Star Wrestling, I was able to be taken seriously in Mexico with CMLL. All of that came from that stamp of approval that was the ten months under contract with WWE."

Adonis says that getting released from WWE showed him how much he still had to learn, and he notes that he has never stopped learning to this day, looking back at his time thinking he was a "good, young wrestler" and realizing how far he's come.

"The best is yet to come and it all comes from the natural progression of what happened in the past."


Family Ties

Adonis describes his choice to separate himself from his older brother, WWE commentator Corey Graves, as "a conscious decision" but also says it can be a "dark cloud on his career." According to Adonis, people see him and say, "that's Corey Graves' brother" but he tries to take it in stride.


"There's always going to be people who discredit what I do, but – and it's going to sound terrible – but my opportunities weren't given to me by my brother," Adonis explained. "If my brother were in my shoes, I don't know that he'd be able to get those opportunities."

According to Adonis, despite all of his success outside of WWE, he would still welcome the chance to compete there.

"If you're not aiming for the top of the ladder, you shouldn't be on the ladder at all."

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