Grayson Waller 'Invades' Johnny Gargano's Home

Johnny Gargano was thrilled to be back in the midst of his adoptive home of "WWE NXT" this week, but his joy quickly turned into a nightmare when he realized Grayson Waller had invaded his actual home.

Gargano opened the show and mentioned how there's been a lot of talk about "finishing your story" heading into WrestleMania 39, and that he was back at his old stomping grounds to finish his own story, referencing Waller ambushing him with a steel chair in December 2021. During his impassioned promo, Gargano was informed by announcer Vic Joseph that Waller was live streaming on social media from outside his and Candice LeRae's house. Upon hearing the news, Gargano would quickly retreat from the ring and head over to his residence.

Subsequently, Waller started streaming videos from inside Gargano's house, going as far as to mock "Johnny Wrestling" for hoarding action figures.

"So this is what main roster money gets you, huh?" Waller asked Gargano. "This place is like a palace. There must be at least six bedrooms in here, so much room for your action figures! It's a bit of a dangerous neighborhood, Johnny. What if you left the door unlocked? Whoa, I'd better go check that out, you know? Do you a favor."

Eventually, Gargano showed up to defend his property and a brawl ensued between the two men in the front yard. The cameras also caught LeRae and Quill, aka Baby Wrestling, watching in horror as Waller and Gargano continued to battle. 

Later in the night, Waller shared a photo of Baby Wrestling in tears, a move that got him even more heel heat from fans on social media.

Gargano and Waller will battle in a grudge match — 14 months in the making — at the upcoming Stand & Deliver premium live event.