Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell Gives An Update On His Sobriety, Health

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell has managed to turn his life around recently. Over the years, it has been well documented that the former WCW World Tag Team Champion has encountered struggles with addiction that have caused various personal setbacks. Bagwell is now sober, and he appears to be making positive progress. 

"I'm six months clean, and I think it's 200 and something-odd days," Bagwell said on the "Going Broadway Podcast." "The main thing to remember is my sobriety date. My sobriety date is August 27th. So, that's how I keep up with it."

Bagwell recently praised the aftercare support he has received since his most recent stint in rehabilitation, and his family and friends network, which has aided his recovery. The 53-year-old, who last laced up his wrestling boots in October 2022 for WrestlePro Alaska, plans to return to the ring at some point this year, but first, he will be going under the knife to fix an issue that came about following a car accident in 2020.

"I've got a knee replacement I'm getting scheduled to get done within the month," Bagwell said. "There's a light, a big bright light now at the end of the tunnel when there wasn't any. So I'm very excited about life. I'm sober and clean, which I really didn't think I could do this thing called life sober and clean. I really didn't."

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