Road Dogg Names His Proudest WWE Storylines, Says One Spawned A Children's Book

In 2016, "Road Dogg" Brian James was operating as the lead writer for "WWE SmackDown." In that role, he flexed his creative muscles to help piece together nearly all of the show's driving storylines at the time. That included Samoa Joe's WWE Championship pursuit of AJ Styles, which saw James create a children's book to be used in the angle for Joe to talk trash about his rival.

"The fact that I loved that — come on it's AJ and Samoa Joe — but I also had the opportunity to co-author a children's book that I thought was really good," he stated on the "Oh ... You Didn't Know?" podcast. "The other one I loved was when Randy Orton was in the Wyatt Family and burned that house down. I know everybody has different feelings about that stuff, but I loved it. It was awesome."

However, out of everything he had a hand in writing, it was KofiMania that Road Dogg was most proud of. Kofi Kingston's road to WrestleMania and a WWE Championship reign was beloved by fans and wrestlers alike, with names such as MVP and Bryan Danielson sharing how much that culminating match meant to them.

"KofiMania I love, didn't produce the matches itself but wrote and executed or directed the execution of the story in the build-up to it. ... but I was the lead writer of the show that we did it on," James explained, "so I had an influence on that. Hugely important to me, I love it for every reason that everybody else loved it."

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