Claudio Castagnoli Talks Proving Ground Matches, ROH Stars He Wants To Wrestle

Ring of Honor is back in the swing of things with a weekly show that streams on HonorClub every Thursday. The relaunch also saw the return of "Proving Ground" matches, which ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli sees as a great opportunity for various roster members he wants to face.

"There's a lot of people in Ring of Honor that have a lot of potential," Castagnoli said in a recent interview with "Under The Ring." "RUSH is, for example, one of them that I've been in the ring with a couple of times. Dalton Castle, I haven't been in the ring with in a long time — I don't think ever actually. I think that would be an interesting match for me. Bandido is in Ring of Honor as well, so that would be another match I look forward to."

Castagnoli shared that he wanted to bring back Proving Ground matches in ROH because he thinks it's an "interesting concept" that provides up and coming talent a chance to earn a title shot if they beat him in a non-title match. He cited AR Fox as a perfect example as they had a ROH World Championship match on the first episode of ROH on HonorClub earlier this month after a few encounters in AEW.

Seeing ROH as the place to prove oneself, Castagnoli made sure to insert a jab pointed at his current rival Eddie Kingston. "I feel that's why Eddie probably showed up at Ring of Honor as well, to finally prove that he can actually do something." While not yet confirmed, Castagnoli is expected to defend the ROH World title against Kingston at ROH Supercard of Honor on March 31 in Los Angeles.

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