Wins And Losses In Wrestling Mattered To Buff Bagwell

Although All Elite Wrestling keeps track of its wrestlers' annual win/loss records, WWE stays clear of keeping tabs on such information. Former WCW World Tag Team Champion Marcus "Buff" Bagwell was recently asked how much the outcome of his pre-determined matches mattered to him.

"It's all about winning and losing, man. I mean, in anything you do," Bagwell said on the "Going Broadway Podcast." "I mean, since I was a kid, I mean, it's about winning and losing. It's about you're out; you're safe. You won; I lost. I won; you lost. I was first; you're second. I mean, that's how my life was as three boys growing up in a house, and there was no gray area about winning and losing."

Current Impact Wrestling star Heath (fka Heath Slater), who lost a large chunk of his matches while working for WWE, expressed that "wins and losses don't matter for s***" when discussing how the internet had affected pro wrestling. The former WWE Tag Team Champion often portrayed a comedy character in the company but ultimately earned the respect of the fans for his performances. Bagwell offered insight into some non-contracted performers' mindsets about victories and defeats. 

"But, people go, including 'the boys,' they go, 'Well, you know, that's crazy to complain about winning or losing. I just wish I was under contract. I'd never b***h if I was under contract. I'd never complain if I was under contract.' B******t," Bagwell added. "You are gonna complain under contract because if you don't, you're the only one that don't."

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