Chris Adonis Accuses Tyrus Of Using NWA Title As A Prop On Fox News

Tyrus has been the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion for 131 days and counting. The controversial titleholder is set to defend the gold against Chris Adonis (fka Chris Masters) at the National Wrestling Alliance's next pay-per-view event, 312, on April 7 in Chicago, Illinois. Adonis recently discussed his upcoming title bout and accused Tyrus of using the "Ten Pounds of Gold" as a prop for his own personal vanity. 


"I see a guy like Tyrus, who now sits in his ivory tower back in New York at Fox News, holding the NWA title hostage," Adonis said on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast. "When I come into Chicago [on] April the 7th for NWA 312 pay-per-view, I am going to be representing all those trolls, representing all the wrestling fans, representing all the marks, representing all the smart marks. And how ironic is it that formerly Chris Masters, the guy who was never an internet darling, will come into Chicago, a wrestling town if there ever was one, and will represent the wrestling audience against big bad Tyrus."

That championship encounter on April 7 will be Adonis' first opportunity to capture gold in the promotion since unsuccessfully challenging Jax Dane for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at the Alwayz Ready event in June 2022. The former WWE star believes this is his chance to get back on top. 


"I haven't had an opportunity like this in close to 20 years," Adonis said. "I broke into the business and went straight to the top, and it trailed off. I lost my way. I lost my focus, but I've regained that focus now."

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