Booker T Calls CM Punk Instagram Post 'Childish,' Praises Chris Jericho

Booker T is not shy about sharing his opinions about the latest wrestling news on his podcast, and the latest CM Punk/AEW drama is no exception. Punk, reacting to a post by Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer on his website's message board, posted an Instagram Story claiming that Jon Moxley refused to do a job for him. Punk also suggested that he was pushed into returning to action from his foot injury before being medically cleared. Though Punk deleted the post within minutes, it was quickly saved and reposted. Naturally, it became a big story, and Booker gave his thoughts on it on his Hall of Fame podcast.

According to Booker, Punk's post probably wasn't part of an angle. "One thing about insider information and stuff like that, brother, it just goes to show me what this business is. Where you're talking about the business, and giving all of the insider information to the fans that watch. They're the ones that're writing your check. That's the dumbest thing I could ever imagine in my life! Certain terms being used in that little soliloquy... It just amazes me how childish these guys really are." 

Booker added that Chris Jericho — who Punk described as a "stooge" — has been "the most professional guy in that company thus far," with his feeling being that he didn't understand how Punk could be so negative about his WrestleMania 28 opponent. Booker was further confused by Punk telling the world that Moxley refused to lose to him, calling it "the [most] childish thing I've ever seen in my life, as far as a 44-year-old man talking on [Instagram]." But he still didn't rule out the idea that Punk's Story post was part of an angle, saying "the way they do angles in AEW, it's different."