Arn Anderson Builds His Ultimate Wrestler

Arn Anderson knows about every facet of the squared circle, but "The Enforcer" humbly didn't include himself when building the ultimate pro wrestler. During the latest episode of "Arn," Anderson was asked by a fan to put together the perfect pro wrestler and co-host Paul Bromwell presented him with six different categories: knowledge, strength, speed, physique, stamina & drive, and skillset.


For the "knowledge" category, Anderson pondered a little bit before deciding on Bryan Danielson, but it didn't take him long to say "Ron Simmons in his prime" when picking "strength." Neither did it take "The Enforcer" much to pick the body of Lex Luger. "Stamina and drive" gave him a little more pause until he settled on Ricky Steamboat. He initially picked Shawn Michaels for "speed," but then he was presented with the "skillset" category.

"The know what? I may wanna reposition," Anderson said, reconsidering. "Maybe put Shawn in the 'skillset,' and the 'speed,' if I could tweak the 'speed' a little bit, how about just cat-like reflexes: Brad Armstrong." The late addition to the question impressed Bromwell who began to go over Anderson's final choices once again.


"That's a great question and that'd be a hoss wouldn't it?" Anderson may have very well found that "hoss" he's talking about as he recently praised Powerhouse Hobbs, believing that the TNT Champion could be someone in the AEW World Title picture.

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