Chris Jericho's Bat Floyd Gets Its Name From Tongue-Swallowing Hockey Player

Of all the allies Chris Jericho has had during his AEW run, his most loyal companion has arguably been Floyd. Of course, that makes sense given that Floyd is a baseball bat and, while wielded by Jericho, is unlikely to betray him.

Obviously, harboring a closeness with a blunt object will draw some questions, including how Jericho decided to come up with the idea of naming the bat Floyd. The former AEW World Champion answered that question during an interview with the NHL's St. Louis Blues website, crediting a hit TV show, and a former St. Louis Blue hockey player Floyd Thomson, who had a talent for swallowing his own tongue.

"True story," Jericho said. "How do you swallow your own tongue?! But he did it, and to this day in AEW, the bat I carry is called Floyd. I was looking for a name [similiar to] Lucille, Negan's bat on 'The Walking Dead, and for some reason, Floyd Thomson popped in my head. So the name on my bat in AEW comes from Floyd Thomson, former St. Louis Blue, who swallowed his own tongue."

An undrafted free agent, Thomson joined the Blues during the 1971-72 season. He would ultimately remain with the organization for the next 10 years, spending five full-time seasons with the Blues before winding up with their farm team, the Salt Lake City Golden Eagles.

Though he was more elite at swallowing his tongue than playing hockey, Thomson proved to be a solid role player, making three playoff appearances in the Blues, and winning two Adams Cups with the Golden Eagles before calling it a career.