GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 9 Results (3/30): Kota Ibushi Vs. Mike Bailey, Jon Moxley Vs. Alex Coughlin, More

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Game Changer Wrestling presents Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 9 from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California, as part of The Collective. For fans unfamiliar with Bloodsport, the ring ropes and turnbuckles will be removed, and every encounter must end via knockout or submission. 

Nine matches are scheduled to take place, including Kota Ibushi taking on Mike Bailey in his first match since October 2021. The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion is now a free agent after his contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling expired earlier this year. GCW immediately snapped up Ibushi for two Collective events, and the Japanese star will now look to resurrect his career on his terms. This evening's Bloodsport encounter with Bailey will be Ibushi's first match on U.S. soil since defeating Ren Narita at NJPW's Showdown in Los Angeles event in November 2019. 

Announced card prior to the show

* Josh Barnett vs. Timothy Thatcher

* Kota Ibushi vs. Mike Bailey

* Jon Moxley vs. Alex Coughlin

* Marina Shafir vs. Killer Kelly

* Jeff Cobb vs. Calder McColl

* Royce Isaacs vs. Johnny Bloodsport

* Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. JR Kratos

* Yuya Uemura vs. Bad Dude Tito

* Erik Hammer vs. Calvin Tankman

Wrestlers Introduced, Jeff Cobb vs. Calder McColl

- The wrestlers performing at tonight's Bloodsport 9 event were introduced. 

- Jeff Cobb vs. Calder McColl

McColl attempted to take Cobb down. McColl looked to put Cobb's right leg into a submission hold, but the United Empire member was able to escape. Cobb escaped again moments later. Cobb slammed McColl down on the canvas. McColl delivered several hand strikes to Cobb on the mat. Both wrestlers ended up on the floor. 

Back inside the ring, Cobb took McColl down in the center of the ring. McColl gained the advantage and attempted to lock in a chokehold. McColl went for a flying triangle, but Cobb caught him. Cobb slammed McColl down into the canvas, which saw the Scottish-born wrestler land on the back of his head. Cobb followed up with a big right hand to the head, and the match was stopped. 

Winner: Jeff Cobb via referee's stoppage

Bloodsport Action Continues

Erik Hammer vs. Calvin Tankman

Tankman took the fight to Hammer. Tankman took Hammer down with a waistlock and delivered several hand strikes on the canvas. Hammer rolled out to the floor to take a breather. Tankman drove Hammer into the canvas. Hammer turned the tables and landed a flurry of blows. Hammer took Tankman down and locked in a double wristlock. Tankman tapped out. 

Winner: Erik Hammer via submission

Marina Shafir vs. Killer Kelly

Shafir gained the early advantage. Shafir toyed with Kelly after attempting to apply various submission holds. Shafir threw Kelly down. Shafir repeatedly pushed Kelly in the face in the corner of the ring. Kelly managed to take Shafir down on the floor. Kelly took control as Shafir returned to the ring. Kelly attempted to lock in a chokehold. Kelly continued to dominate. 

Kelly delivered a series of elbows and trapped Shafir's left arm in a standing submission hold. Shafir fought back and delivered a kick to the sternum. Shafir took Kelly down. Shafir won via submission after trapping Kelly's head with her legs.

Winner: Marina Shafir via submission

Ibushi's in-ring return and Erik Paulson Receives Bloodsport Lifetime Achievement Award

Kota Ibushi vs. Mike Bailey

Ibushi and Bailey shook hands before the match got underway. After both men failed to gain the advantage, Bailey connected with a strike to the ribs and took Ibushi down. Ibushi slipped out momentarily, but Bailey responded with a triangle submission hold. Bailey went after Ibushi's shoulder on the mat. Bailey sent Ibushi to the floor. 

Upon returning to the ring, Ibushi delivered a handful of kicks. Bailey responded with his own flurry of kicks. Bailey connected with double knees and locked in an armbar. Moments later, Ibushi delivered a suplex from the floor back into the ring. Ibushi dropped Bailey on his head with a suplex and followed up with a knee to the face to win. 

Winner: Kota Ibushi via knockout

- A video played highlighting MMA fighter Erik Paulson, who received the Josh Barnett Bloodsport Lifetime Achievement Award this year. Chavo Guerrero Jr. was introduced. The fans chanted for Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero Jr. spoke about Paulson's accomplishments. Guerrero Jr. presented the award and a bunch of flowers to Paulson. Paulson gave his acceptance speech. 

More Bloodsport Bouts

Yuya Uemura vs. Bad Dude Tito

Uemura attempted to get the better of Tito. Tito pushed Uemura out of the ring. Uemura returned to the ring and took Tito off his feet. Tito responded with strikes to the head on the mat. Tito suplexed Uemura in the center of the ring. Tito gained the advantage and applied various submission holds. Uemura eventually escaped and slapped Tito on the back. 

Uemura connected with a belly-to-belly suplex and followed up with a dropkick. Uemura dived to the floor to wipe out Tito. Back inside the ring, Uemura delivered with a suplex. Tito responded by forcing Uemura to tap out after applying an ankle lock.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito via submission

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. JR Kratos

Smith Jr. took Kratos down and gained the advantage. Smith Jr. looked to apply a handful of submission holds. Both men returned to a standing position. Smith Jr. seemingly had an answer to everything Kratos was trying to pull off on the mat. 

Smith Jr. delivered a series of knees to the head. Both men exchanged blows in the center of the ring. Kratos landed some heavy shots on the mat. Kratos failed to lock in a crab. Smith Jr. took advantage again and worked over Kratos' ribs. Smith Jr. elevated Kratos and delivered a powerbomb. Kratos responded with a knee strike and a Pelé kick. 

Both wrestlers traded strikes on their knees in the center of the ring. They eventually got to their feet and continued exchanging blows. Kratos tapped out after Smith Jr. locked in a crossface on the mat. 

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr. via submission

Johnny Bloodsport In Action

Royce Isaacs vs. Johnny Bloodsport

Bloodsport and Isaacs reached a stalemate in the opening stages of the match. Isaacs eventually delivered a suplex to Bloodsport. Bloodsport and Isaacs traded holds on the mat. Isaacs locked in a double wristlock, but Bloodsport forced him to break the hold after delivering a handful of knee strikes. 

Isaacs sent Bloodsport down with two German suplexes. Bloodsport responded with a knee to the head. Bloodsport locked in a Muta lock. Isaacs turned the tables and applied a chokehold. Isaacs then applied a cloverleaf on his feet. Isaacs delivered a piledriver to Bloodsport and locked in another chokehold. Bloodsport reversed and forced Isaacs to tap out after trapping his head. 

Winner: Johnny Bloodsport via submission

Jon Moxley battles Alex Coughlin

Jon Moxley vs. Alex Coughlin

Moxley and Coughlin got in each other's faces before the bell rang. A fast-paced opening saw Moxley and Coughlin trade holds on the mat. Moxley sent Coughlin to the floor. Moxley locked in an armbar on the ring apron. Coughlin lifted Moxley and slammed him onto the edge of the ring. 

Coughlin took control upon returning to the ring. Moxley managed to respond and locked Coughlin in a chokehold. Coughlin used his strength while still in the hold and delivered a powerbomb to Moxley. Coughlin and Moxley traded strikes in the center of the ring. Moxley connected with a jumping knee and applied another chokehold. Coughlin attempted to escape. Coughlin eventually passed out. 

Winner: Jon Moxley via referee's stoppage

Main Event

Josh Barnett vs. Timothy Thatcher

Barnett and Thatcher attempted to take each other down in the opening stages of the match. Both men exchanged holds on the mat. Thatcher targeted Barnett's ribs. Barnett turned the tables and went for a kneebar. Barnett delivered a suplex to Thatcher. 

Thatcher locked in a half crab, but Barnett went back to the kneebar. Thatcher kicked Barnett in the head as he was applying that submission. Both men traded holds on the canvas. Thatcher targeted Barnett's ribs again with his knee. Thatcher smiled as he locked in a double wristlock. Barnett countered and attempted the STF. Thatcher reversed and attempted an armbar. 

Barnett delivered a suplex to Thatcher. Both men rolled to the floor while Thatcher was applying a submission. Thatcher and Barnett traded strikes upon returning to the ring. Moments later, Barnett threw Thatcher across the ring and followed up with a powerbomb. Thatcher had a grip on Barnett's arm and then forced him to tap with a kneebar. 

Winner: Timothy Thatcher via submission

- That's all for GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 9!