Boxer Tommy Fury Says He Would Face Logan Paul In WWE

Tommy Fury recently made history by becoming the first person to beat Jake Paul in a boxing match. However, their rivalry is far from over as Paul has been vocal about his desire for a rematch since then. Fury, meanwhile, might have his sights set on another Paul brother — and a potential bout between them could take place inside a WWE ring down the line.


During a recent interview with "Soccer A.M.," Fury revealed that he's open to joining WWE to take on Logan Paul in the squared circle. Furthermore, he's willing to do it at any time. "100 percent. All they need to do is ring the phone and I'll be there the next day."

Much like his brother, Tyson Fury, the boxer is a fan of the WWE product. As such, Fury has ambitions to step between the ropes and compete, following in the footsteps of his sibling, who defeated Braun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 and has maintained a positive relationship with WWE since then.

"I mean, I watched wrestling as a kid growing up," Fury said. "It's something that I do like — I love wrestling. I watched all my life growing up as many young kids do. To work with the WWE — obviously, Tyson has done some bits with them — would be a dream come true."


When the interviewer asked which type of character Fury would play in WWE, he said that he'd be like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as it would allow him to be "funny" and "controversial."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Soccer A.M." with an h/t to Wrestling INC. for the transcription.