Grayson Waller Believes Johnny Gargano Came Back To NXT Because Waller's Hunger Offends Him - Exclusive

"WWE NXT" star Grayson Waller has been on a collision course with Johnny Gargano. After Waller sent Gargano packing from "NXT" in December 2021, the conflict between the two had seemingly been put on hold, especially after "Johnny Wrestling" returned on the main WWE roster. That was until Shawn Michaels revealed Gargano as Waller's opponent for "NXT" Stand and Deliver. However, while speaking with Wrestling Inc. Senior Lead News Editor Miles Schneiderman, Waller revealed he doesn't think Gargano has "the hunger" to take him.

"The thing about Johnny is, he's very good at what he does. He's an incredible wrestler, and I think when he gets the opportunity to cook, you see what he does," Waller said. "Johnny Gargano's very good, but my thing is, I think he's become complacent. He's got a wife, he's got a kid, he's got a Disney annual pass, he's living the dream right now. I don't think he's hungry. And I think he sees me as a very hungry person, and I think he kind of takes offense to that, and that's why he's come back to "NXT."

Gargano versus Waller is one of the most high-profile bouts on Stand and Deliver, and to top things off, it will be an unsanctioned match. This will mark Gargano's first "NXT" Match since WarGames in December 2021, where Team Black and Gold lost to Team 2.0 inside the massive cage. Gargano is no stranger to unsanctioned matches in "NXT," as he faced off with Tomasso Ciampa in one at Takeover: New Orleans during WrestleMania weekend 2018.