Seth Rollins Addresses His Feud With Cody Rhodes, Says He Feels He Should Be In His Position

Seth Rollins is looking at the main event of WrestleMania 39 and, like Dolph Ziggler before him, saying "It should've been me." The former WWE Champion spoke with ESPN in the build-up to WrestleMania 39 and was not shy about his opinion on Cody Rhodes.


"I should be in that position," Rollins said. "I'm the one who held it down while he drifted off and did his own thing. Respect to him for that. Great, he drifted off, did his own thing. I'm the one who held it down. When everyone got hurt or did something else or went off or took part-time schedules or wanted less or to do less and ask for more or wanted to go somewhere else because they're not happy ... you don't think there's been plenty of times where I'm not happy?" he asked. "Or plenty of times where I felt like I was on the short end of the stick?"  

"I keep to myself, keep my head down, work hard, vouch for this company, and vouch for this place," Rollins explained, noting that Rhodes' sky-rocketing stock within the company makes him uncomfortable. "That just creates natural friction between the two of us," Rollins explained. "When tempers flare, tempers flare. There's a little truth to that but I can't get into too many details."


Rollins and Rhodes were embroiled in a feud last year that began with Rhodes' surprise return at WrestleMania 38. However, their in-ring rivalry was cut short by Rhodes' torn pectoral injury. According to Rollins, that program fostered a complicated relationship between the two. "There's some level of mutual respect, there has to be in this industry," Rollins confessed, "but at the same time, there's animosity as well."