Vince McMahon Assures WWE Employees In Email Nothing's Changing After Endeavor Deal

On Monday, following the announcement that WWE was being acquired by Endeavor to merge with the UFC, WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon sent out an email to all company staff. In addition to spelling out details of the company sale, McMahon attempted to offer some reassurances to employees about their futures and what new ownership will mean for them. 

"We expect to continue to operate largely as we do now," McMahon wrote, as reported by Wrestlenomics, while laying out the agreed-upon corporate structure of the new company. Sharing a timeline for the deal to be finalized as sometime "later this year," McMahon further reiterated that the more things change, the more they'll be staying the same. "In the meantime, it is business as usual here, and this news has no immediate impact on your day-to-day roles or responsibilities."

McMahon presented all the upsides of the sale, presenting Endeavor's purchase as a benefit to WWE being able to "fully capitalize on the rapidly expanding, global appetite for live sports events and premium content." But he also took the time to express gratitude for those employed by WWE for their work and efforts in helping the company even reach the point where a multi-billion dollar sale was on the table.

"I want to close by expressing my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you all. We are coming off the most successful WrestleMania of all time," he continued, "and that's a testament to your commitment and ability to execute 52 weeks a year. I can't wait to work with all of you on building this exciting next chapter for WWE."