Jim Ross Reveals His Favorite WWE WrestleMania

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has called 17 WrestleManias throughout his career, with his first being WrestleMania 9 in 1993. He has been in the commentary booth for many iconic WrestleMania moments, such as Hulk Hogan versus The Rock at WrestleMania 18 and Edge winning the first-ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match — however, one show in particular sticks out as his favorite.

"I think 17, WrestleMania is the favorite because of the venue," Ross said on "Ad Free Shows." "That was a special event because I had been in that arena time and time again in my mind or on television. So, to see it full and set a record, attendance record, considering all the events that had been held in that venue ... 17 is a special one." The thought that WrestleMania 17 is the greatest in WWE history is not an uncommon thought — as it saw multiple iconic moments and matches take place, including Steve Austin making a deal with the devil and siding with Vince McMahon, the extreme TLC II match between the Hardys, the Dudleys, and Edge and Christian, and Shane McMahon defeating his father in a Street Fight.

While WrestleMania 17 received much praise, Ross also discussed a later show that he greatly enjoyed. "I liked WrestleMania 25 because I got to call [Under]Taker and [Shawn] Michaels and that was an amazing, amazing outing." Michaels and Undertaker wrestled for over 30 minutes at WrestleMania 25, with Michaels attempting to end the 15-0 streak of "The Deadman." However, Michaels would come up short, and Undertaker's streak would continue for five more years.

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