Becky Lynch Says Celebrities In WWE Have Benefits But Easy To Feel Slighted By Their Presence

Professional wrestling promotions often lean on celebrity guests to draw larger audiences, but their inclusion can also make for a careful balancing act when it comes to featuring a promotion's everyday stars on a card.


Six-time world champion Becky Lynch recently opened up about the booking dilemma during an interview with Stephen A. Smith, revealing she and Bianca Belair "had to fight a little bit" to have their "WWE Raw" Women's Championship match at SummerSlam –- a card that featured singles matches with internet star Logan Paul and broadcaster Pat McAfee.

"That can be a bit of a problem," Lynch said. "Personally, and from a work ethic standpoint, that you put all of this effort into this all year round, and when the big shows come, when the big stadiums come, and there's 80,000 people, you want to receive your flowers for that hard work you've been putting in all year round so that we can do this."

Lynch said she realizes outside star power helps "bring a new audience in," but there needs to be a balance.


"It is fantastic, but it cannot be what this business is," she said. 

"We need those people that are wrestling three, four times a week that can carry this, that are thinking about this constantly, that it is their sole focus. We need that, because yes, the Pat McAfees of the world or the Logan Pauls can have three matches a year or one match and we can put a spotlight on them and give them their kudos and their flowers and say, 'Well done.' But this business is hard. This business is so hard and it's tough, and it's skill and it's craft, and without those people that know how to do this in the way that we do it, then it will die."