Dolph Ziggler Could Tell Who Was Money During Recent WWE Tryouts

WWE is always on the hunt for its next batch of future Superstars. Last week, WWE held another round of tryouts during WrestleMania week in Los Angeles, hosting over 50 athletes from 37 different colleges and 13 sports who came out as wrestling hopefuls. Notable participants included former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant and Baylor basketball star Mark Vital. Per tradition, several current and former WWE Superstars attended the tryout to share their critiques, or to simply watch the evaluations.


One such observer was Dolph Ziggler. And while "The Show-Off" recognized the tryout experience was likely "nerve-wracking" for the athletes, his position as a current Superstar provided a different perspective. Speaking with "Comedy Store Wrestling," Ziggler explained how he was able to just see and know who had "it."  

"It's fun, too, when you see a handful of people go like, 'Whoa, that's something special that we can turn into a superstar in three years or something.' So, we did see several different times where we went 'Oh,'" he recalled. "I was next to MVP and we just went, 'This guy,' and you just know. When you see a 7-foot woman walk on stage and go, 'There's money there. You want to pay to see someone before they even talk.' That's wild."


While it remains to be seen which participants were actually offered a WWE contract, the tryouts were documented as a part of Roku's upcoming "WWE: Recruits" series, which has 16-time world champion John Cena aboard as an executive producer.