Dana White Provides More Details On WWE-UFC Merger, Says It 'Can Take WWE To The Next Level'

The top news story in pro wrestling continues to be the agreement to merge WWE and the UFC under the same roof of a newly formed company owned by Endeavor. As the week has gone on, more information has gotten out, and on Friday, one key figure weighed in on the deal in more detail than before: UFC President Dana White. While on "The Pat McAfee Show" to promote Saturday night's UFC 287 pay-per-view, White was asked about the merger, and he wasn't shy about how he feels that it could help WWE.


"It's one of the great things about [Endeavor CEO] Ari [Emanuel], and why he's such a great partner, and why he's so good to work with," White explained. "He came in and he bought the UFC, they asked me to stay, and Ari's one of those guys who lets you run your business. He lets you do what you do. I actually met with the McMahons the last time I was in New York. They wanted to know what it was like to be in business with [Endeavor], and obviously, I couldn't say anything but incredibly positive things about them. Ari's one of those guys [who let] you run your business, and if you need him, pick up the phone and call him, and he can make anything happen."

White added that he doesn't think the merger will change the UFC much, but that WWE will benefit from Endeavor's connections when it comes to areas like licensing and sponsorships. White also stressed that this type of deal can, like Endeavor did with the UFC, "take WWE to the next level," citing the dramatic rise in the value of his company, particularly compared to the public consensus at the time of the purchase that Endeavor overpaid.