Backstage Update On Bayley's Status With WWE

Over the past week or so, there's been a whole lot of fan speculation as it pertains to Bayley's future with the WWE. 

Shortly after Damage CTRL's loss at WrestleMania 39, Bayley sent out a cryptic message through which she conveyed that "Sometimes the most romantic love story comes to an end" along with a "Bye" at the end of the tweet. Subsequently, Bayley did not appear alongside her stablemates on "WWE Raw," which triggered even more speculation and got fans worried about Bayley's WWE status. Furthermore, Fightful Select reported that Bayley "was supposed to be on the show but was pulled" after changes were made to the script by the returning Vince McMahon. 


In an update from PWInsiderElite, WWE sources have indicated to Mike Johnson that "there is no expectation" of Bayley leaving the company, and all the chatter on social media is merely a case of "Bayley building buzz" and stirring the pot. Johnson added that there are no signs of Bayley being "unhappy" or that "her creative is being dropped."

With Becky Lynch & Lita set to defend their WWE Tag Team Championship against Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez on Monday's "Raw," it remains to be seen if Bayley and the rest of Damage CTRL influence the outcome of the title bout. Some fans have also speculated that Bayley's tweet was a sign of her leaving Damage CTRL and reverting to being a singles superstar.