Dustin Rhodes Talks The Closeness Of His Relationships With Dad Dusty And Brother Cody

Dustin Rhodes put his heart on his sleeve on the recent A&E biography of his father "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. Dustin shared that he felt the moment he felt closest to his father was the famous moment during Dusty's tenure in WWE when the WWE Hall of Famer saved Dustin from Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase. "Finally breaking into the business and having that moment with dad while he's wrestling Savage and DiBiase and stuff and him jumping on my body, and I could hear him like it was yesterday 'No, not my boy!' It was raw, it was real," Rhodes confessed on the latest "Busted Open."

The moment was an important one for Dustin, who said that he'd begged his mother to let him live with Dusty, only to find that his dad was often out of the house — wrestling on various shows — which initially strained their relationship. Dustin shared that his relationship with his father wasn't the only one that became strained over the years as his years of substance abuse led to him falling out of the lives of his siblings Cody and Teil. 

According to Rhodes, making amends with his family is a pillar of his newfound life and sobriety. "I think family is the most important thing in our lives," Dustin revealed. "Beyond money, beyond power, beyond fame, beyond anything, the true things that are there in your life are your family." 

Rhodes claimed that the hard work had paid off with his relationship with Cody improved at present. "It's important to mend those fences and I've mended them and I've done all that I can." Rhodes said that his years teaming with Cody in WWE and then working under Cody in AEW aided in them becoming much closer over time.