Chris Jericho Calls 2022 A Career Year, Says He'll Keep Wrestling As Long As He Can

After several decades slamming his body around a professional wrestling ring, Chris Jericho doesn't see himself slowing down anytime soon. During an interview with "The Show" on WXRW 104.1 in Milwaukee, the 52-year-old AEW star said 2022 was "a career year" for him and that he's been able to stretch his in-ring tenure out for more than 30 years because he works "smart."

"You don't want to jinx anything but I've rarely been hurt," Jericho said. "I think it's just wrestling smart and it's durability, you know, all of those things kind of combined in to continue to keep the machine rolling." Jericho said his body "feels good" right now, 33 years after making his in-ring debut. "I started doing yoga about 10 years ago and then now it's mostly kickboxing," he said. "You change your physical workout as you get older. And I don't wrestle regularly, but I think every time I do, I'm still wrestling at a high level. I think last year, 2022, was probably a career year for Chris Jericho as far as quality matches. And I think this year is the same. I've had some great matches so far and have some great matches on the horizon."

Last year, the surefire WWE Hall of Famer won the ROH World Championship to earn his eighth career world title. More recently, Jericho has worked to help put over younger AEW stars like Action Andretti and Ricky Starks. "As long as I can continue to compete at a high level and have the best match on any given night," Jericho said, "I think there's no reason to stop."