WWE Universe Hasn't Seen Bronson Reed's Full Potential Yet

Ever since returning to WWE, Bronson Reed has been dominating on "Raw." Following this year's Andre the Giant Battle Royal, the former "NXT" North American Champion has been looking to learn from Bobby Lashley. Not interested in students, "The Almighty" instead stepped in the ring with "The King of the Monsters" for a clash of epic proportions this past Monday. While no clear winner was crowned, the confrontation clearly showed that Reed has a lot to offer the WWE Universe this time around. Although, they haven't seen everything just yet.

While appearing on "WWE's The Bump," the colossal superstar shared that he's ready to blaze his own trail through the annals of professional wrestling history, starting with this feud with Lashley. Reed declared that the previous generation is the past, and he has plenty in store for the future.

"Bashing Bobby is good for a little bit of a giggle and I'd like to do it again," Reed said. "The WWE Universe still hasn't seen Bronson Reed's full potential and it's coming. If I have to square off with Bobby again, the whole world is going to see exactly why I am the present. I was listening to Santos [Escobar] talk about all this tradition and history. We need to stop that. We need to stop recreating moments. Us, the new guys in WWE like myself, Santos, Dominik Mysterio. We are the ones to create moments. We are the ones to take over."

Regardless of then, now, or forever, Reed knows what we really want out of this rivalry with Lashley.

"People love seeing meat getting slammed to the mat and that's what we bring."

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