Renee Paquette Thinks AEW Would Benefit From Doing A Talking Smack-Type Show

Renee Paquette served in a number of roles during her time in WWE, and one of those included being the host for "Talking Smack" on the WWE Network. The post-"SmackDown" talk show helped push forward several storylines with additional promo time and notably included The Miz's infamous 2016 confrontation with Daniel Bryan that seemingly blurred the lines of kayfabe. Paquette recently appeared on "Insight" and discussed with Chris Van Vliet the possibility of AEW benefitting from their own "Talking Smack" show.


"I completely agree, I would love to do that," Paquette said. "There's definitely a little bit of a formula you have to kind of figure out, and it's also a really cool spot for performers that don't necessarily get that kind of TV time on a 'Rampage,' on a 'Dynamite.' It's really cool for the wrestlers to understand how to speak as their character, and how it's things that you can fall into. We'd have certain people and when you're used to being handed a script and used to being told, 'This is your character,' and blah, blah, blah, it's cool to see people just kind of get to live as that character as they're figuring it out."

Paquette noted that AEW obviously has plenty of seasoned talent who would have no problem talking without a script, but she believes a "Talking Smack" show in AEW would be especially beneficial to the greener talent who are still learning. AEW is still finding ways to elevate their "homegrown" talent, however Tony Khan did recently introduce a series of house shows to allow talent to get more reps without the pressure of performing on live television.


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