The Miz Reveals His Favorite Hobby Outside Of Wrestling

The Miz is a man of many talents. Though many know him for his contributions to the wrestling world, "The A-Lister" has also honed his skills in the fields of dancing, acting, and reality television. In a recent TikTok video, The Miz was asked what his favorite hobby was beyond the scope of professional wrestling, and surprisingly, the answer was something completely different.

"I would say the number one thing I love doing outside of WWE is golf," The Miz said. While he admits he isn't the best at golf, the Miz appreciates the challenge that the sport elicits. "I enjoy how it tests me, how one minute I feel like I'm getting better than the next minute. I absolutely am doing terrible...Even as a kid, I loved it. And growing up, I loved the hard work it takes to become great."

With his stacked schedule of personal and professional responsibilities, Miz doesn't believe he'll ever have enough time to put in serious work to be great at the sport, but he does savor the scenery of the course. On numerous occasions, the Miz's daughters, Monroe and Madison, have accompanied him to the driving range, whether to find the golf balls, tee them off, or just explore their surroundings. "I enjoy going out there smelling the fresh cut grass, seeing the animals, whether it's squirrels, deer. Sometimes my daughters and I will see some frogs or tadpoles in the ponds," he explained.

The Miz isn't the only WWE Superstar with a love for golf, as former United States Champion Baron Corbin continues making his golf rounds in his off time.