Will Ospreay Is Medically Cleared To Return, Not Sure How Long Body Will Hold Up

Will Ospreay has been medically cleared after being on the sidelines the last several weeks with a shoulder injury that forced him to withdraw from the New Japan Cup. The former IWGP United States Champion shared the news via Twitter this morning, but also admitted that while passing the physical to get the green light to return, he feels "there's a lot of weakness" still in his arm. He further relayed that it would be probably be sensible for him to take a little more time.


After looking back on his career path, he proceeded to discuss the injury bug that has repeatedly bit him in recent years, sharing his self-awareness that his in-ring style — which helped him reach such popularity — is also a major factor in his ailments. "It's because I'm getting older as well, it's because I'm getting heavier," he said. "But because of that, the move set that I started when I was 22 years old has kind of vanished and disappeared, and it's not out of choice; it's because my body can't do it anymore."

Ospreay confessed that he is no longer capable of hitting the Shooting Star Press in a safe manner anymore, so it has been removed from his arsenal. That is why he is now looking to change things up when he returns to action: April 22 for IPW.


"I feel like my body and me personally, I am deteriorating before everyone's eyes. It kind of is really upsetting and it's because I chose to do this style and I understand the risks that come with this style. But it's one that suits me down to a T, and I think everyone enjoys it," he said. "So having said that, I don't know if this ride's going to be a long one if everyone understands what I mean."