Booker T Comments On Lack Of Cohesive Teams In WWE's Main Roster Women's Tag Division

WWE has struggled to maintain a cohesive women's tag team division since introducing the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in 2019. Just last year, the titles were left vacant all summer, while lately it has been "hot-potatoed" around to various teams. Corey Graves recently addressed the issue of WWE needing to establish real tag teams, and Booker T responded with his own thoughts during a new episode of his "Hall of Fame" podcast.

"I agree 100 percent," Booker T said. "That's what I like about 'NXT,' that the tag teams are like true tag teams, like Pretty Deadly, Gallus. They're like true tag teams and they can grow. Of course there could be a time where they break off and then have totally brand new careers. That's what it did for me." Booker T explained that starting out and being known as a tag team means something for the tag division, and that it's lacking for the women in particular. He noted that talent are being thrown together whether they "gel" or not all for the sake of putting tag titles on a duo.

Booker T added, "I think they need to build that tag team division from the inside by putting these girls together a little bit earlier, you know, having them work together, have some continuity. I'm talking about costuming, knowing their movesets."

The women's tag team scene has received extra attention on television in recent weeks after Becky Lynch and Lita carried the tag titles into WrestleMania. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez — another makeshift team formed for WrestleMania season in particular — won the titles on April 10. They're now slated for their first defense against Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green this Friday on "WWE SmackDown."

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